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Know the Most Popular Australian Wood Options for Your Flooring

Know the Most Popular Australian Wood Options for Your Flooring

January 27, 2022

In Australia, we have a scope of wood choices for flooring that are all delightful to take a gander at, and with capable upkeep and treatment, just as right plan and trimmings at the start, give astounding life span.

These six wood species address probably the most famous decisions for deck in Australia. It’s memorable’s vital, notwithstanding, that species’ notoriety and accessibility will shift as per state, while some wood types are more qualified to specific environments than others and differ in strength.

The best part is that you will help the climate. These economically obtained, affirmed wood is a sustainable and recyclable asset. Critically, the wood goes about as a carbon store, giving it a significant task to carry out in diminishing fossil fuel byproducts.


Many would say that jarrah is the Rolls Royce of deck woods, particularly for individuals who have it and sell it! As far as tasteful charm, jarrah is near the top of the reach, with the wood’s tone going from warm dull browns to radiantly rich reds, supplemented by the wavy lines of interlocking grains.

Jarrah offers protection from decay, making it ideal for flooring (especially in areas with heaps of downpour). Moreover, jarrah’s durability and stability are best for the development of wharves and spans and damn gorgeous rail line sleepers.


The much-respected blackbutt becomes on the east coast from southern New South Wales to southern Queensland. One of its key benefits is its protection from bushfires, subsequently its ubiquity in regions that have a higher BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating. Blackbutt is additionally one of the hardwoods that the Victorian Building Commission has considered reasonable for home development on some BAL appraised destinations (although it must be noted that BAL necessities are liable to change).


Merbau is local to Asia and offers a shade of profound brown or a red-touched brown, and has gained notoriety for an appearance that improves with age; this is partial to its regular oils. It is perceived as a bushfire-safe hardwood.

Treated Pine

Treated pine is an amazingly well-known species, especially with outdoor applications, because of its adaptability. It’s additionally one of the most economical choices for ground surface. One of the most appealing highlights of this wood type is it takes paint and oil without any difficulty, guaranteeing that a variety of shadings is workable for your deck. Treated pine is pressure-treated explicitly to oppose the beginning of rot, growths and to repulse termites.

Spotted Gum

‘Spotted gum’ alludes to four types of wood that develop from as far south as the Victoria/New South Wales line toward the southern finish of Queensland. Spotted gum is one more choice for individuals who need to consider a BAL rating.

Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash, which as its name proposes isn’t common in Victoria, is the business trademark for two types of tree-mountain ash and elevated debris. It’s a delightful wood obtained from the high areas of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, and is an excellent flooring choice, particularly in Victoria. Treating this wood expands its solidness, which is lower than a few choices.

Its primary concern of contrast is maybe its tone. Dissimilar to a significant number of different woods recorded, Victorian debris has a lighter tone and can show up as brown, pale blonde or even a pinkish tone. Subsequently, this gives another lovely ‘regular’ look, because of its straight grain. Victorian debris likewise takes on staining amazingly well.

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