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Outstanding Qualities of Australian Oak for Timber

Outstanding Qualities of Australian Oak for Timber

March 8, 2022

Nothing matches the beauty of solid hardwood flooring, and Australian oak is a popular choice for many reasons. Australia is home to several types of acorn-bearing oak trees, and each of them has characteristics that make them popular for flooring material. Let’s explore some reasons why you might want to consider Australian oak for your next renovation project in your home or office.


Australian Oak vs Tasmanian Oak

One thing you might want to be aware of before you go shopping is that several products are called Australian oak. When someone refers to Australian oak, they are typically referring to one of nine species of true oak trees that grow in Australia. These oak species include:


  • Mossy-Cup Oak (Quercus Macrocarpa)
  • French Oak (QuercusPetraea)
  • Pin Oak (QuercusPalustris)
  • English Oak (QuercusRobur)
  • Portuguese Oak (QuercusLusitanica)
  • Turkey Oak (QuercusLaevis)
  • Algerian Oak (QuercusCanariensis)
  • Sawtooth Oak (QuercusAcutissima)
  • Red Oak (QuercusRubra)

Tasmanian oak and Victorian ash are both hardwoods that are often confused with Australian oak, but they are not made from an actual oak tree species. These woods come from another hardwood and can include one of three eucalyptus species. All of them are durable, resilient and have beautiful grain patterns, but be sure to ask if you want true Australian oak.


Australian Oak Uses

Historically, Australian oak has been used for a wide range of products including furniture, flooring, wagons, and ships. It was also used to make wine barrels where it gave the wine flavour and character. It is a traditional flooring material, and you can find many historic homes over 100 years old that have oak flooring that is still in beautiful condition. It is long-lasting, and this is one reason why people choose it for their new construction or renovation projects.


Why Australian Oak

One of the reasons why people love Australian oak is its beautiful grain. Brush finishing and staining enhance its grain structure and appearance. An application of cured hard wax oils can help increase its longevity and protect it from spills and scratches. It can take the strains of everyday wear, but if you have an older home, the good news is that you can resurface Australian oak easily and often do not need to replace the entire flooring. Australian oak is also one of the more cost-effective of hardwoods available.

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